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Are Men So Hard To Buy For?

Whenever I talk to my female friends and family about gift shopping, one of the discussions I find myself having frequently is how difficult it is to buy for men. 'It's so easy to buy for our Vicky and Debbie, but I never know what to get our Rob for Christmas!'

I wonder why this is? Is it men's inability to communicate their likes, wants and desires or our poor detective skills in noticing them? Maybe it's an 'age' thing? I find my sons really easy to buy for; most of the time they tell me what they want and make their Christmas and birthday lists way in advance.

In this modern age do search engines really help or just overwhelm us with shopping images of the usual pair of socks, boxer shorts or 'smellies' set? Is gift shopping set up better for the female of the species? When you walk into a shop is there more variety and on offer for us then our male counterparts?

Maybe you want to find a less generic gift so go look at personalised gifts or lean on your man's hobby for a quick gift fix? One Christmas I bought my man an experience based present, a set of golfing lessons. I thought he might take it as me having a 'dig' at his current handicap, but he loved it.

Does the direct approach work? My work friend told me, 'When I ask him what he wants, he says he doesn't know or he's not bothered!' I'm sure he would be more bothered if he had nothing to open from Santa!

My opinion is that gift shopping whoever it is for should, as my mantra states, put a smile on their face. How you achieve that, only you know!

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